Shiksa (meal)


Text: We went out for Korean food a few times a week and made a lot of Indian food at home. In the summer, when cooking became unbearable, we subsisted on bread and salad. Breakfast was pancakes, bread pudding, or the rare bowl of oatmeal, procured with great difficulty and expense. Even in our tiny apartment we managed to entertain occasionally. The missionaries seemed to appreciate our food more than anyone else did. Welsh cakes were a nice treat that we were able to make without an oven. We put raisins and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds in them.


Background Paper: Thai unryu royal blue from The Paper Web

Pens: Zig Writer brown, blue, pink, Zig Scroll and Brush antique burgundy, Micron black (01)

Scissors: Fiskars seagull

The "shiksa" title, rice bowl with chopsticks, and pieces of popcorn are all my own design, cut out of paper.


The "rice" and "popcorn" titles in Korean are kind of a pun--the rice "pahp" sounds just like the popcorn "pahp," except that the latter is aspirated.

Here's a link to a site about Korean food.