Open House/ Easter

Text: The missionaries held an Open House at the church on Easter weekend. We took Sister Bryson and her new greenie, Sister McKinney, out for lunch on Saturday. There was a little restaurant near the church where we had been with the Tices once and had a nice bek pan. We discovered that the place had changed hands, so we had to order something else.

(Page 2) We had a Korean class at the church on Sunday evenings for a few weeks, taught by Brother Kang Young Koo. On Easter Sunday we had a potluck dinner. Brother Kang brought tang soo yook (sweet and sour pork) and we brought baguettes from our corner bakery.


Pens: Zig Writer blue and pink, Pentel gold, Micron black (01)

Scissors: Fiskars ripple

I used the Inkworx air art gun and the blue and pink pens to stencil a background. I got the flower design from a stencil book in the library. The "Easter" title was a computer brush-lettering font, cut out of white paper with a craft knife. When I realised that the white didn't show up enough on the stencilled background, I used the negative cut-out to stencil a blue "shadow," and then mounted the title slightly offset on top. [close-up]