Tae Borum/


Text: Tae Borum is the first full moon of the lunar year. We had a Tae Borum party for Homemaking meeting at the church (husbands were invited too). We ate five-grain rice and played "nol-dwi-gi" (jumping see-saw), which takes a lot of coordination and is not as easy as it looks. The jumping see-saw game is attributed to girls who used it to see over their courtyard walls.

(Page 2) Pak Hyun Ju was baptized on January 12. On March 9, Sunday afternoon after church, she came over to our house with the sister missionaries for lunch and a new member discussion. Helena and Sister Bryson taught the discussion together.

When we heard that there was a group of six sisters and one elder coming to Taejon Mission, we put together a box of Korean candy and goodies and sent it to them at the Missionary Training Center. They got it right before culture night, so they took it along and shared with everyone. They sent us a thank-you note and this photo (their version of the "Charlie's Angels" pose). Elder Bennet, Sister McKinney, and Sister Ekins all served in Chonan at different times.


Background Paper: German ingres blue and yellow from Daniel Smith.

Specialty Paper: Thai unryu from The Paper Web.

Pens: Pentel milky white, Micron black (01)

I think I used paper from more sources on this layout than on anything I've done yet. The see-saw artwork is from a New Year card graciously provided by Kathleen Tice (I scanned and traced the appropriate part). The Thai unryu mat is made by wetting the paper with a paintbrush dipped in water and pulling it apart along the line (not difficult).

The photo corners are non-functional and purely decorative--I made them myself.

The milky white pen looks really good if you go over it twice.


The see-saw thing was a blast. I had seen it done before but never tried it. Oddly enough, only Doug and I and Sister Yoon Jeong Hee were able to get it to work. The timing is tricky when you're trying to start. We tried it later at the Onyang Folk Museum and at the Folk Village in Yongin but couldn't do it.  It may have been because those boards were a lot shorter, or it may have been due to the absence of anyone to hang on to (spotters are very helpful!)