Seoul Toksugung/ Namdaemun

 Text: On Saturday, December 14, we spent the day in Seoul. We went to Tok Su Gung, one of several historic palaces in the city. The palace is located off a busy intersection right across from City Hall. There is a museum on the grounds, as well as a statue of King Sejong the Great, best known for the invention of the hangul alphabet in 1446.

(Page 2) Nam Dae Mun, the "Great South Gate," is one of the remaining gates from the old city wall. Nearby is the huge, labyrinthine Nam Dae Mun market, which is always crowded and bustling with people. In the evening we met Shin Tae Ho and his wife Ah Young for an Indian buffet dinner at the Ashoka restaurant in Itaewon.


Background Paper: Thai Unryu (wine) from The Paper Web

Pens: Zig Scroll and Brush burgundy, Pentel gold, Pentel milky white, Micron black (01)

Scissors: Fiskars Victorian


Tok Su Gung is a popular spot for couples taking wedding pictures. In the "squid, anyone?" photo you can see a bride getting into a car in the background. 

Here's a site about palaces in Seoul.