Hyun Chung Sa shrine

 Text: We spent our first few months settling in and exploring Chonan. It wasn't until December that we started traveling much outside the city. Fortunately the weather was still nice enough to venture out. On the 28th (Saturday), in an exploratory mood, we caught a city bus out through the nearby town of Onyang and into the countryside, where we stopped at Hyun Chung Sa shrine. It was a lovely day and quite a few people were out enjoying the weather.

(Page 2) Hyun Chung Sa is a shrine dedicated to Admiral Yi Sun Shin, who was born in the area. The admiral is best known for his invention of the armored "turtle ships" with which he repelled several Japanese invasions in the 1590's. These are thought to be the world's first ironclad warships. Admiral Yi is revered as an example of loyal patriotism, and his statue stands in many schoolyards. The turtle ship is pictured on the 5 won coin.


Background Paper: Thai Unryu from The Paper Web

Pens: Micron black (01)

Scissors: Fiskars deckle