Honeymoon Class

Text: On Friday, October 18, 1996 (just six weeks after we were married), we flew to South Korea where we spent nine months teaching English in Chonan. We were bumped up to business class on the way over. It was incredibly nice. We crossed over the International Date Line and arrived on Saturday.

The open-air market at night [close-up]

A butcher shop in the market [close-up]

Details of a pavilion in Nam San park [close-up]


Background Paper: Daphne natural lightweight from Daniel Smith.

Pens: Zig Writer blue, Micron black (01)

Scissors: Fiskars jigsaw

I included my boarding pass in a protective sleeve.

The stamp cancellation lines were my own design, created with much effort and brow-furrowing using a compass, a ruler, and square. Probably unnecessarily complicated.

The flower and flag were both pieced together from scanned pictures.

The Chinese characters were from my dictionary. I scanned them and blew them up (the edges got pretty fuzzy at that magnification) and used the graphite transfer method to trace them onto my paper and cut them out with a craft knife.


The flower is a Mu Gung Hwa (rose of Sharon), Korea's national flower.

If you look closely there's a cow head in the picture of the butcher shop. I was sorry that we didn't get more photos of the market. In the big market in Taejon there was a row that we called "Pig Alley" that was just incredible.

Korea Introduction has a lot of good general information about the country.