New Year's Day

 Text: The branch had a party Christmas Eve, with skits and songs and a big potluck dinner (for which Helena made two batches of Welsh cakes). For our first Christmas together, we gave each other matching pencil boxes that said, "This is not a chocolate but a pencil case, so don't have a mind to eat this," as well as a few other gifts. Doug had his Christmas stocking and Helena used an onion bag. Our families sent packages which arrived later. We spent the afternoon with Richard and Kathleen Tice, and then went to a party with some other English teachers.

(Page 2) Mr. Ha from Doug's kumdo class ran a meat restaurant. He invited us over for New Year's Day. We bundled up and walked over in a blowing snowstorm. We had sam gyup sal (pork) and soon tubu (uncurdled tofu soup). Mr. Ha made the best soon tubu we ever had. After we ate, we went with Mr. Ha to his brother's house where we joined extended family in playing yoot nori, singing, and more eating. We had a wonderful time and went home absolutely stuffed at 1:00 in the morning.


Specialty Paper: Thai unryu from The Paper Web

Pens: Pentel gold, Micron black (01)

Punch: large snowflake

Along the top and bottom is a small strip of white Thai unryu with gold threads. It has a feathery edge which looks kind of snowy. I made mock photo corners in white and outlined them in gold. The titles were done in a brush-lettering computer font, and cut out of paper with a craft knife.